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KINSEY INVESTIGATIONS will provide you with a leading private investigator in Los Angeles, CA. The members of our team have worked as investigators in a variety of contexts, including as lead investigator for a law firm. As private investigators, we will work tirelessly for your satisfaction.

It is a sad fact of life that not everyone is trustworthy. While our organization is built on a commitment to integrity and fairness, the same cannot be said for many people in the world. Sometimes, you need a private investigator to ensure that you are not being lied to and to provide evidence of other people’s wrongdoing.

Background checks are a necessity before entering into any sort of financial or even personal relationship with another person. We will find a subject’s employment history, search their criminal records, and verify their education and employment. We will also perform an asset search, checking to see if an individual has any secret accounts or sources of income you are not aware of. This kind of analysis is key to getting a fair distribution of assets in a divorce and avoiding financial fraud in a business setting.

We will also perform surveillance in a variety of circumstances, including investigations of employees, insurance fraud, theft, civil cases, and infidelity. When conducting surveillance, we watch our subjects, document their actions, and find out who they are meeting and what they are doing based on your questions about them. Our team performs surveillance on a daily basis, and this gives us the expertise to be discreet and invisible to the subject.

We provide our clients with full documentation of the information we uncover, including videos, photographs, and/or written records. If you need a private investigator with experience and integrity do not hesitate to call KINSEY INVESTIGATIONS.

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