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KINSEY INVESTIGATIONS offers child custody investigation in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding counties, in addition to a number of other investigative services. Our dedication to excellence is matched only by our passion for helping our customers achieve their goals.

If you are facing a child custody case, you need to be able to present evidence. Your own testimony is not always enough. Our investigation can find evidence of abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, cohabitation, and other factors which can affect the outcome of a child custody case. We will back up our investigation with video or photographic evidence which can be admitted into court. A good private investigator can mean the difference between victory and defeat in any civil or domestic litigation.

If you are planning to partner with, accept investment from, or loan money to someone, you need to perform due diligence to ensure that they are trustworthy. Likewise, if you are planning to invest in a business, you need to be sure its claims are accurate. We will examine the assets and financial histories of individuals and businesses to make sure you do not get cheated. If you own a retail business, integrity checks can ensure that your employees are performing their jobs correctly and honestly.

We are also experts at finding people who may not want to be found. We are a registered processor with a reputation for finding creative solutions for process service. If you are searching for a missing person, we will provide a skip trace or conduct an investigation to find them.

We do all this and more. No matter what issue you face, we will work with you to find a solution. Contact KINSEY INVESTIGATIONS to learn more about our services.

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